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Verger Group Opens

Verger Group Offers Legal Nurse Consulting Expertise in Nursing Home and Assisted Living Malpractice Cases

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 1, 2020 – Verger Group announced today that its Legal Nurse Consulting firm is officially open for business. With more than 12 years of legal experience and over two decades of medical expertise in the healthcare industry, Jaime Schwingel, RN, MSN, WCC, and co-founder of Verger Group discovered there was a considerable gap to fill while working with several attorneys relating to nursing home malpractice. Schwingel proved her role as a legal nurse consultant is a crucial need for both plaintiff and defense attorneys as well as a very cost-effective and a vital resource for those attorneys specializing in nursing homes and assisted living malpractice cases.

In addition, with the recent Coronavirus outbreak infecting many in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, Verger Group has put together a COVID-19 task force specializing in “Standards of Nurse Practice” in skilled nursing facilities and assisted living centers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recent statistics claim nursing home malpractice cases are growing at an alarming rate., reports there are as many as 5,000,000 abuse cases each year, with 1 in 10 elders over the age 60 of having been abused.

The World Health Organization states that currently, 1.5 Million People live in Nursing Homes in the United States, and 1 in 6 Adults aged 60 or older suffer some abuse while in a community setting.

This data is quite astounding when it comes to those baby boomers destined to overpopulate the industry which could result in a dangerous mix leaving skilled nursing facilities vulnerable as well.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services records indicates that in Wisconsin, we have 1601 community based residential facilities (CBRF) for 31,761 beds. The Residential Care Apartment Complexes (RCAC) have 341 facilities for 15,847 beds. Furthermore, assisted living complaints went from 981 in 2014 to 1465 in 2018, with 65% of those complaints coming from CBRF, 39% anonymous, 28% guardians, 9% by residents, and 2% by attorneys. Self-reporting complaints grew from 3645 in 2014 to 5284 complaints in 2018.

Armed with these overwhelming statistics combined with decades of healthcare experience, Verger Group is poised to take on the demand for legal nurse consulting as a solution and as a golden partner for the attorneys who work within this growing tertiary sector.

As President and Senior Expert of Verger Group, Jaime Schwingel is no stranger to the world of expert witnesses as she has unmatched experience participating in multi-million-dollar case testimonies. Verger Group is excited to play its part in this specialized niche with its unrivaled methodology that aims to save every attorney time and resources.

About Verger Group
Verger Group is a legal nurse consulting firm founded by a team of experts with a combined 40 years’ experience in the nursing home and assisted living industry. Some of the services Verger Group offers include screening cases for merit, researching medical literature, reviewing nursing standards of care, managing and analyzing medical records and preparing medical record chronologies, timelines, charts, media, and diagrams. In addition to consulting, Verger Group will also serve as expert witnesses assisting directly in depositions, testifying at trials, and preparing expert witness reports. Over the years, Jaime has provided knowledge and expert opinion for numerous attorneys in the Greater Milwaukee Area as well as throughout the United States for both plaintiffs and defendants, especially in nursing home malpractice cases.

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