why choose

Verger Group

When you choose Verger Group, you’re getting the best in the industry. As President and Senior Expert for Verger Group, in addition to consulting and managing general operations, Jaime Verger leads teams of specialists who provide guidance, training, and assistance to improve care quality continuously.

1.Verger Group Provides an Expert Team with a successful Track Record

2. Verger Group maintains Specialized Experts in the geriatric population and in the skilled nursing industry

  • We offer a variety of expert witnesses because each case requires the right expert.
  • Why choose Verger Group? We focus only on the geriatric population and only work for the attorney.
  • The same expert follows the case from the initial review to the expert testimony.

3. All Verger Group Experts are Professional and Highly Qualified

Each Verger Group Expert commits to our 3 gold standards –


  • Our experts are not involved, nor related to the parties involved.
  • We serve both Plaintiff and Defense Attorneys.


  • Every Verger Group expert is required to participate in Continuing Education.
  • Every expert has 15+ years of employment in their expert field.
  • Each of our Experts are Active Field Experts (Currently work in the field as their primary job.)


  • We take client confidentiality very seriously. Verger Group has invested in the necessary safeguards for our experts to keep our client’s information private and  secure.

4. Verger Group Provides a Unique and proficient Methodology

  • Every report is presented with the Verger Group method which is a user-friendly presentation (Chronological timeline events, Cause Analysis, Opinion, etc) that provides consistency and an accelerated read for each attorney.
  • Verger Group’s evidence-based library and documentation resources are second to none.
  • We provide Visual Evidence Support (graphics, charts, interactive media) before and after solutions and more.

5. Verger Group Maintains 100% Confidentiality and security

  • We provide a user-friendly secure portal.
  • Our site offers encrypted data transfer for your privacy and security.
  • Each one of our experts is required to sign a non-disclosure. In addition, our firm conducts background checks on each of our expert witnesses. 

6. Verger Group Rates

  • Our rates are transparent and extremely competitive.
  • Each client will receive monthly detailed billing.

7. Verger Group works 24/7

  • Our firm is available for a free consultation and case reviews 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
  • Verger Group realizes time is critical.

8. Verger Group offers a Free consultation/Strategy and cost recommendation

  • Verger Group offers a free consultation in order to understand the needs of the attorney and to make sure the case is in our area of expertise. 
  • Why choose Verger Group? Verger Group will strategize with each attorney to determine which expert witness is best for the case and will then offer a free cost estimation.

9. Personalized Approach

  • We offer a personalized approach because each case is different.

10. Verger Group Educational Webinars are Provided

  • Verger Group offers free educational webinars for both plaintiff and defense attorneys to keep attorneys aware of previous cases and any industry changes.