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“Contact one of our experts from our COVID-19 Task Force, to know more about the Standards of Nursing Practice in SNFs and ALs during the COVID-19 Pandemic”. 

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Jaime Verger, RN, MSN, WCC

Legal Nurse Consulting

President and Senior Expert – Verger Group

Jaime is a registered nurse and a senior healthcare executive who has partnered with attorneys as a legal nurse consultant for the past 12 years.  She has been a thought leader in the healthcare industry, serving on numerous committees, and implementing many proactive and preventative clinical programs in long term care settings.


1.5 Million People live in Nursing Homes in the United States. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 6 Adults aged 60 or older suffer some type of abuse while in a community setting. And with the surge of aging baby boomers destined to overpopulate this industry, a dangerous mix lies ahead leaving skilled nursing facilities vulnerable as well.

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Know Your Options. Win your case with a Legal Nurse Consultant specializing in Nursing Home and Assisted Living Malpractice. Our legal nurse consulting firm has over 20 years of experience in the skilled nursing and assisted living malpractice industry.

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Legal Nurse Consulting

Our experts are professional and will give you an impartial opinion based on Current standards of Nursing Practice.

All of our Legal Nurse Consultants Have decades of experience in both skilled nursing and assisted living and continue to work in the industry.

A Verger Group legal RN is a true expert in their field and hold additional qualifications and specializations such as Licensed Nursing Home Administrator and (WCC) wound care certified nurses. A Legal Nurse Consultant Expert Witness Milwaukee is proivded by Verger Group. Learn more about our services.

Expert Witnesses

Our experts bridge the gap between medicine and the law. The Verger Group experts include the most qualified and skilled physicians, nurses, physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists, licensed nursing home administrators (LNHA), dementia specialists and dieticians.

Litigation Support Services

Because nobody remembers a second impression, first impressions are vital.

Preparing for litigation can be arduos, complicated, and very time-consuming. Being well preparedand able to translate visuals to the opposing consel, adjustor or the jury can make all the difference in assisting you to win your case. Our exceptional digital media, PowerPoint presentations, medical charts, illustrations, and graphics are second to none.

At the Verger Group, we know how important it is for an attorney to find the right Legal Nurse Consulting firm to assist and support their firm on specific medical cases.

When it comes to medical & clinical expertise, expert witnesses, and saving time and money, we’ll let the attorneys speak for themselves.

“Ms. Verger did a phenomenal job as our standard of care expert.  Her testimony captivated the courtroom and had the jury nodding in approval which helped us secure a plaintiff’s verdict.  I highly recommend her services.”

Ryan Kral

Principal, Beasley Allen Law Firm

Our law firm reached out to Jaime Schwingel to assist in a tragic nursing home negligence case and she responded above and beyond our expectations.  Ms. Schwingel’s report was thorough, precise and expertly applied the facts to the law to produce a logical and solid expert opinion.  Professional and first class!!

Attorney Richard A. Schaumberg

Schaumberg Law Firm, LLC

Nurse Schwingel provides outstanding expert witness services. We have successfully used her services in venues across the country. She has extremely in-depth knowledge of the subject matter and fully understands the dynamics of the legal process. She presents concepts to juries in an easy to understand way and connects with jurors on their level. We utilized Nurse Schwingel for a trial in New Mexico and her testimony was one of the primary reasons that the jury returned a verdict in our favor.

Prominent Milwaukee Attorney

When hiring an expert, you want her to know the subject matter, dig into the records for substantiation of her opinions, and finally and most importantly, stand by her opinions during testimony. I have found that Jaime Schwingel checks all of those boxes. She has worked in the long term care industry for many years and understands the day to day workings of facilities as well as the state and federal regulations that govern them. She reviews the records, the chart, and discovery responses and finds support for her opinions within them. Finally, Ms. Schwingel is well prepared and confident in trial and does an excellent job of conveying what her opinions are and how she arrived at them to a jury.

Prominent Milwaukee Attorney

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